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Why do some eggs not have a stamp? October 27, 2011

Smallholders can sell eggs direct


Producers with fewer than 50 birds are not required to mark their eggs – so long as they provide other information such as their name and address and provide consumer advice to keep eggs chilled after purchase along with a best before date (maximum 28 days from lay) for the eggs at the point of sale.

More info on eggs on my website


New sheep page on website – September 28, 2011

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We love our sheep at Fife Smallholder.  

Please check out our new page that shows the diversity of colours and sheep breeds we have.  Starter flocks are sometimes available for sale.

smallholder sheep



Tup August 30, 2011

This year we are going to use a new tup. He is a Beltex cross and this breed is known for their double muscled hind legs. Popular with butchers because it gives a good sized leg of lamb.


Ladybirds August 23, 2011

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Copulation of two ladybirds - (Henosepilachna ...

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Ladybirds – How many do you have on your smallholding?


Smallholding Society August 15, 2011

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I heard on the radio today that perhaps we have become too urbanised and should move back to being more of a smallholding society.

What does that mean to me? It doesn’t mean getting land – but a change of attitude.

I was brought up in a council house in an area of deprivation, but we ate potatoes that were grown in the garden, and got eggs from our neighbour who had batam hens. We picked and ate bramble jam and nettle soup. To me that is smallholding.

It’s as easy as growing lettuce on your window sill. Everything tastes better with effort :0)