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Why do some eggs not have a stamp? October 27, 2011

Smallholders can sell eggs direct


Producers with fewer than 50 birds are not required to mark their eggs – so long as they provide other information such as their name and address and provide consumer advice to keep eggs chilled after purchase along with a best before date (maximum 28 days from lay) for the eggs at the point of sale.

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Wild bird seeds September 11, 2011

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Our smallholder garden has a big grass plant that the birds enjoy the seeds from in the autumn. There is a delicate balance going on – the sparrows are quite heavy and bob about in the wind.  This is a resident flock that live on our smallholding, but we also get migrant and seasonal birds that visit to eat from the range of berries, nuts, and seeds that are available naturally.


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Wild Food September 9, 2011

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Wild Food

I love this time of year (autumn)  on the smallholding, when there are lots of free wild food to eat, pickle, and add to desserts.

wild autumn raspberries

Tup August 30, 2011

This year we are going to use a new tup. He is a Beltex cross and this breed is known for their double muscled hind legs. Popular with butchers because it gives a good sized leg of lamb.