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Smallholding – getting started in Scotland February 13, 2012

You’ve got the land and now want some animals – Who do I need to contact? What are the rules? Where do I get the paperwork? What if something goes wrong?

Why do I need to register?

Keeping Livestock

If you are planning to keep animals such as sheep, goats, pigs, hens, and cattle then read on.

Things to do before you buy animals for your smallholding

  • Read and understand the welfare guides/codes of recommendation relating to the animals you intend to keep.
  • Register your land or ‘holding’ and get a CPH number (a unique code allocated to the land where animals are kept). You need this number before you purchase/acquire/move any animal onto your smallholding.
  • Get a flock or herdmark number for your livestock (e.g. sheep and pigs)
  • Get the relevant movement documentation for your animal (from the previous owner) and be aware of the regulations around transporting animals. You may need a licence for moving certain agricultural animals (e.g. pigs ).

Once you have your animals – other things you need to do

  • Your animals must be properly identifiable, with the correct flock or herdmark numbers. Different animals have different tagging rules and some even require electronic identification (e.g. sheep).
  • Poultry and other fowl may require to be registered .
  • You need to keep a register and medications book. Return an annual inventory where requested, and notify a range of agencies depending on the animal and it’s movements.

For a fuller explanation and read more click here


Why do some eggs not have a stamp? October 27, 2011

Smallholders can sell eggs direct


Producers with fewer than 50 birds are not required to mark their eggs – so long as they provide other information such as their name and address and provide consumer advice to keep eggs chilled after purchase along with a best before date (maximum 28 days from lay) for the eggs at the point of sale.

More info on eggs on my website


New sheep page on website – September 28, 2011

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We love our sheep at Fife Smallholder.  

Please check out our new page that shows the diversity of colours and sheep breeds we have.  Starter flocks are sometimes available for sale.

smallholder sheep



Tup August 30, 2011

This year we are going to use a new tup. He is a Beltex cross and this breed is known for their double muscled hind legs. Popular with butchers because it gives a good sized leg of lamb.


Moulting Chicken August 28, 2011

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Moulting Chicken – Now that it is coming into the colder weather, my hens are starting to moult! This makes no sense to me….

Check out this link which gives an explanation about moulting chickens.



Ladybirds August 23, 2011

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Copulation of two ladybirds - (Henosepilachna ...

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Ladybirds – How many do you have on your smallholding?


Phytoremediation August 14, 2011

Phytoremediation – what a wonderful word to say and a wonderful process. Plants cleaning up the industrial mess we leave behind.

Yet another use for willows which are grown on our smallholding and can be purchased through our website


Hedgehogs August 13, 2011

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European hedgehog (Erinaceus_europaeus)

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I’ve seen a lot of hedgehogs over the last couple of days and I’m not sure why. Perhaps they are young looking for new territories. At least one of them must be living in my 5 star Hedgehog Hilton that we built a few years ago.


Bees August 12, 2011

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It’s been raining for days and my new hive of honey bees have turned to my syrup for energy. I wonder what it tastes like to them after being on my flowers – fast food?


Butterflies August 7, 2011

The Small Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis urticae) is...

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I rescued a tortoiseshell butterfly today -there are so few of them this year I guess they need all the help they can get. Perhaps I should make a nectar feeder?